Mary - A Musical

Music and Lyrics by Gayla D. Morgan

Book by Gayla D. Morgan and Jean Mornard​

The Music

"Hoping Mary" by Greg Pittman

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Peaceful/I Decide

Gayla Morgan, Mary and Young Mary; Lawrence Rush, Gayla Morgan, Street Vendors; dialogue: Lawrence Rush, Uncle

Fly Little Bird

Samara Ehrlich, Young Mary (live at July 2011 reading)

We Are Family Now 

Gayla Morgan, Mary; Jake Sachs, Peter and John; dialogue: John Kilgore, John; Lawrence Rush, Peter)
MARY MAGDALENE: Rebecca Southworth
PETER: Frank Galgano
JESUS: Marcus Paul James
JOHN: Ron DeStefano
YOUNG MARY: Gwen Hollander

MOTHER MARY: Jendi Tarde Killberg
MARTHA OF BETHANY: Vivienne Cleary
MARY OF BETHANY: Emily Shoolin
LAZARUS: Matt Castle
UNCLE: Frank Galgano
ADDITIONAL ENSEMBLE: Sue Berch, Dana DeLisa, Christy Faber, Trevor Southworth
PRODUCER: Frank Galgano /

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Peaceful – I Decide (Young Mary, Mary, Ensemble)

She Must Die (Hezron, Mary, Eldad, Peter, Ensemble)
Questions, Part 1 (Mary)
Questions, Part 2 (Mary)
I’ll Go With Him (Mary)
Funeral Procession (Martha, Mary of Bethany, Mary, Peter, John)
We’re Your Friends Forever (Martha , Mary of Bethany, John,

      Lazarus, Peter, Mary, Jesus)
I Decide Reprise (Mary, Peter)
Just A Man (Jesus, Mary)
Wonderful Dream (Mary and Ensemble)
Hosanna – I’ll Try (Peter, Jesus, Mary, Ensemble)
Strange Seder (Mary, Jesus, Mother Mary, Young Mary, Ensemble)
Wine for Peter (Mary)

In My Kingdom (Jesus, Mary, John, Peter, Ensemble)
I’m Not Ready (Mary)
Crucifixion Dirge (Mother Mary, John, James’s Mother, Salome)
Fly Little Bird (Young Mary)
I Failed Him (Peter, Mary)

We Are Family Now (Mary, Peter, John)
I Choose to Live (Mary, John)
Peaceful Reprise (Mary)
Love Is Alive (Ensemble)